Jen (barisaxgirljen) wrote in lyricollective,

Bent to Light (from 09-18-02)

On a liesurely drive
I passed a field of strange faces
Of sharply contrasting colors
Rounded brown centers with strange spikes of yellow
Such gifted plants are the sunflowers.

With each day, the rosy faces
Would turn their heads, in natural unison
To the east, and await the object of their attention
The giving orb of the love they seek
Precious, beautiful, filliing sunlight

For this wonder, they shall bend
Slowly, to the sun's cadence
A dance of one with millions of partners
Amazing giving, a shower of life
And the flowers follow without thought.

Why are people not sunflowers?
They cannot always receive the light, the love
That they seek, they may need
To bend farther than they wish to gamble
On another so uncertain, so they are unfulfilled.


I am your sunflower.
I will follow you on your path,
Embracing the light you give with thankfulness
Loyal to you with every hour that you give me
Bending to you in respect.

*Just wanted to share this one, I'm open to criticism.
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