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My one and only

The evening skies are tinted with a delicate cerulean hue
Leisurely combine in romantic splendor as it surrounds you
I watch in wonder as a smile slowly crosses your lips with great delight
Inhaling the midnight fragrance as you take in the beauty of the night

With a tranquil look that has crossed your handsome face
Imagining a time we've spent in another time, another place.
I gaze at you afar in speculation, hoping you feel the same
Contentment overwhelms me as you gently whisper my name

A letter I have written, you read with a smile and a sigh
My words shall be all that you will see tonight
Succumb to your desires with wild abandonment
Allow the sensations to flow through you & live for the moment,
Let them make you unable to withstand all I write
As you give in to our love beneath the candlelight . . .

This night of breathless wonder consumes my very essence
Submitting to my hidden yearnings, my soul is drawn to your nearing presence
Do you still think of the night that we first met?
With each step closer that you take, I feel your being growing stronger yet

Come to me my love, you shall resist me no longer
Allow your passions to overtake you a grow stronger
Come to me my love & yield to this sensual temptation
These opened arms awaiting your intoxication
Come to me my love; my one and only,
Into these loving arms, content and no longer lonely . . .

- Liz

I had started writing this when I first met Des (who is now my husband) I hadn't ever really finished it, but I would really like to. Some suggestions or ideas anyone? Do you like what you've read so far? Some input would be appreciated! ^_^
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