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Hi, im new...

Hey people. My names Daniel and I compose music and words. Here are some of my writings, some new, some old. Any comments would be much appreciated. Rock on.

Hey man, just add whatever catches your attention , if any...


I am a madman
Send my severed dreams to the sleeping sea
Ambiguous thoughts, rough style seeping through
Leave me alone, stop your guilty laughter
When will you allow me life? When will I allow me death?
Don't stop to cry, don't stop to die
Leave your sympathetic gift at the door with your gentle hope
The sun will be gone soon, kill my shadow
Let the stars feed my nocturnal mind
Let me drift aloud with the silent moon
Lye down on the naked pavement awaiting my tryst with the new sun.


Tired of sitting in my room, trying to keep awake
Tired of smelling your perfume, something i cant quite shake
Tired of people in the street, looking down on me
Tired of friends i have to meet, im not you, or cant you see?
Tired of seeing who i am, in the mirror
Tired of not giving a damn, things have gotten dimmer
Tired of falling off to sleep, I cant bare to dream of you
Tired of things i want to keep, burn it is what i should do.


Feed upon a naked stone
Greed within a shallow moan
Love beyond a crying doubt
Hate prevails a distant shout


Rain, rain, go away
If only, for a day
Please, please, shelter me
Umbrella, raincoat, or even a tree
Watch! watch, as it hits the ground
A small puddle, a soft gentle sound
Wait! wait, for the clouds to break
Out comes the sun and not a minute too late


your hollow heart
caught on fire
for which you see
a sarcred liar


Let the stars shine bright
Let the moon make light
Let the trees stand free
Let silent birds be
Hear the distant crying ocean
Hear the falling leaves in motion
Hear the whispers of the morn
Sleep tight
For soon will be new dawn


You're in my dreams
Youre in my screams
You chose to lie
You'll be there, when i die

You changed alot
Or have you forgot?
Pick up the brick
That i will kill you with

The time that i spent
The time that was lent
Get out of my head
Your heart must be made with lead

You, my underated scream
You, my schitzophrenic dream
You, my artificial friend
Why? My heart will never mend


In the blue Sky
Clouds floating by
Amazing sight
Until comes night

The Stars are out
Without a doubt
Night-time has grown
The last birds flown


In my head
Things dont fit
the way they
used to sit
i get scared
of death when
i think how
many years are left
many years are left


wasting my time
not feeling fine
had a bad day
i need to lay down

help me through this
lend me your kiss
show me a smile
make me a child again

in this world there are humans and mutants
in this world there are humans and mutants
in this world there are humans and mutants
and we're all the same

Beggers and thiefs
out in the streets
hookers and grime
when will the sun stop to shine again?

holding my own
but i havent grown
slow down its time to reflect
im nothing but a reject, because you see

in this world there are humans and mutants
in this world there are humans and mutants
in this world there are humans and mutants
and we're all the same
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