I am xile the liberator! I fight crime! (xile) wrote in lyricollective,
I am xile the liberator! I fight crime!

30 second love song

revolution and madmen
and prophets and saints
and beggars and junkies
and huffers of paint

and killers and murdering nsa goons
and monkies and rabbits and al roker too
and fistfulls of patricide noxious and rank
and intercept thought with a nod and a wink
and JFK motorcades spin through the head
and living non breathing in land of the dead
and farcical underground want to rebel
while driving they mommies new beamer to hell

duplicitous causes and avant garde rags
and stealth hydrocodone brought home in a bag
and little boy blue and the man in the moon
were caught selling crack in middle school too

policemen kept quiet the mighty think tank
while old Martha Stewart ran home from the bank
and weapons of mass propaganda refine
the telling of truth and disposal of lies
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